Who We Are

Who we are?

“We promote the Voice and Action for African Philanthropy”

Our History

The Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) is an independent, not for profit, organizational member-based continent-wide network that was launched in July 2009 in Accra, Ghana as the Africa Grantmakers Network (AGN), and later rebranded to APN in July 2015, with a commitment to building a broad, multi-stakeholder understanding and recognition of the contribution of philanthropy as a field that bridges development and local ownership. Today, APN brings together 67 members organizations serving different forms of African philanthropy over 20 African countries, and the only network of its kind in the continent. Together APN members represent civil society and community partners in more than 50 African countries.

APN seeks to establish a strong voice for African philanthropy in order to address the growing challenges of conflict, poverty and bad governance in Africa. APN believes that Africa can effectively mobilize and harness domestic resources for its own development. Domestic resources mobilization creates opportunities for building innovative partnerships for development; achieving universal social protection for the poor; enhancing domestic capital information through asset building; recognizing creative means of citizen participation; reducing dependence on external aid and progressive private sector contribution to development.

APN, therefore, is a critical player to provide leadership and guidance in mapping and defining the continental philanthropy space and positioning African philanthropy in global development discourse to address the urgent need for African representation and African leadership in the global philanthropy space.


We envision a strong and effective philanthropic community, striving to build equitable and just societies in Africa.


APN seeks to reclaim the power and elevate practices of African philanthropy by providing leadership on the development of philanthropy agendas in the continent through profiling the many cultures of giving and providing space/platform for peer exchange, building knowledge and linkages hub.