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  1. Introduction

The Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) brings together organization and individual members serving different forms of philanthropy in Africa. Together, APN members represent grantmakers, funds, community foundations, philanthropy support networks, research & academic institutions and other philanthropy support organizations (PSOs) in more than 48 African countries. Within the philanthropy landscape, APN envisions a strong and effective philanthropic community, striving to build equitable and just societies in Africa. Our priorities are defined by values that African philanthropy, the solidarity and inclusiveness.  APN’s mission is to reclaim the power and elevate practices of African philanthropy. We focus more explicitly towards the multi-stakeholder end of the philanthropy spectrum, with emphasis on African models of philanthropy as an act of participation, dissent, empathy, solidarity, and as a development tool.  In short “philanthropy of the people and their community”.


  1. Background

Women in philanthropy represents a key feature of African philanthropy in that they go beyond financial help. They are often also willing to offer their time and expertise. In Women and Philanthropy: inspiring women, inspired giving (Philanthropy UK, 2008) it is also documented that their impact in philanthropy also typically differs from that of their male counterparts due to their willingness to take on ‘harder’ issues; those that are less likely to be quantifiable for instance, or those that affect individuals at the margins of society.


Africa has always had a strong tradition of philanthropy marked by the solidarity and desire to share and care for one another. These are often found in women’s philanthropic giving and that has been ignored, marginalised or forgotten. The growing involvement and influence of women in philanthropy has gone largely unrecognized.  The impact of women philanthropic giving models is under represented in statistics, which reflect how wealth is attributed in African communities. Research has revealed that an ever-increasing number of women in rural and urban areas engage with different forms of philanthropy.  But what is the impact? It still remains unclear, what the needs, challenges they encounter and opportunities to improve the operating and policy environment for women’s philanthropy?


In 2022, APN conducted a study on Women and Philanthropy in six (6) countries including Burkina Faso, Ethiopia Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, and Uganda. The study sought to unlock the potential of women and philanthropy in those countries. Women are donors and philanthropists, but, traditional development activities largely ignore their philanthropic giving interests and habits. Their participation is minimal and hardly documented. Women are now taking up leadership roles and changing the face of traditional philanthropic giving in these countries as is in other African countries.


  1. Objective of the Consultancy

The main goal of this activity “to increase the understanding and amplify the role of women as potential actors in community philanthropy by Synthesising the six countries reports to produce a synthesis report representing the situation in African continent. Specifically, the study shall address three main issues:

  1. read and review reports from six country,
  2. use information in country reports to produce Synthesis Report of the Women and Philanthropy,
  3. share draft Synthesis Report with APN and other stakeholders for validation, and
  4. incorporate stakeholders’ inputs into the FinalDraft e Synthesis


  1. Scope of Work

This is a desk review and the consultant is expected to perform the following:

  1. Read six country level reports and provide comments for improvement,
  2. Propose the outline of the Synthesis Report and agree with APN,
  3. Produce a synthesis incorporating key findings and recommendations of the six country reports,
  4. Present a draft Report to the APN and selected stakeholders for comments, and
  5. Incorporate the comments into the Synthesis Report of Women and Philanthropy in Africa


  1. Expected Output
  • An agreed report outline;
  • Draft Synthesis Report; and
  • Finaldraft Synthesis Report.


  1. Reporting Format

The reporting format will be on an agreed format.


  1. Duration

The assignment shall be implemented between the 18th November 2022 and 15th  February 2023.


  1. Coordination

The consultant will work in close collaboration with the APN and share the progress of the implementation through meetings and reports.  The work will be organised remotely and where possible in-person through conference calls, emails and cloud platforms.


APN will avail country reports and arrange meetings with NAIs and or consultants who conducted the studies.


  1. Required Qualifications

The consultant can have more qualifications, but the following are more desirable:

  1. Experience in conducting research and policy analysis,
  2. Demonstrate knowledge on gender equality and social inclusion,
  3. Demonstrate knowledge on advocacy and influencing,
  4. Knowledge of the philanthropy field will be an added advantage,
  5. Fluency in English (both written and spoken); and
  6. Good writing and report presenting skills.


  1. Deadline to Submit

You are required to submit a pager of expression of interest to the APN, Executive Director – vacancy@africaphilanthropynwtwork.org by Friday, 11th November at 16:59 EAT.

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