The Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) is the only continent-wide network of organizations and individuals in Africa and its diaspora that promotes the culture of philanthropic giving.  Since 2009 APN conceived as a space for African institutions to interrogate and intervene in the power dynamics that shape how resource mobilization, distribution, and spending impact the possibilities of transformative change in Africa. APN’s mission is to reclaim the power and elevate the practices of African philanthropy. APN collaborates with its members, and other CSOs to promote the voice and action of African philanthropy. APN does that by building solidarity and coordinated response in the African philanthropy landscape, growing voice, visibility, and influencing the power of Civil Society Actors and leaders to make the case and unlock the potential for individual and community philanthropy. The APN, through catalytic grants, aims to generate new knowledge and inhence narratives that recognize and promote the value of African philanthropy.


Our grants support the initiative that:

  • Showcase and elevate the role of existing and emerging Africa philanthropy models in people-owned development and responding to African agency.
  • Catalyze the culture and potential of domestic philanthropic giving as a driver for social change.


Specific activities can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Production of stories aimed at understanding the potential role of African giving models. The use of the framework for considering African philanthropic models: one to one, one to many, many to one, many to many, is highly encouraged.
  • Showcase individual and or community philanthropy organizations that seek to mobilize domestic resources and foster the growth of individual philanthropy for social change.
  • Documentation of initiatives and new strategies for resource mobilization, other alternative funding, community-led development, etc.
  • Showcase initiatives towards gender equality and social inclusion targeting women, youth, and other marginalized population groups.
  • Toolkit, art, and messages that create dialogue and cultivate the African culture of giving for social and systems change.


Grant size and duration

  • Grants for showcasing African philanthropy models.  This grant ranges from USD $ 500 – USD $2500 for a period not exceeding 3  months.
  • Grants for catalyzing the culture of domestic philanthropic giving as a driver for social and systems change.  This grant ranges from USD $ 2500 – USD $10000. Initiatives shall be implemented for a maximum of 6 months.

Deadline: 15 July 2022

Eligible applicants are welcome to submit a concept note In order not to waste your time, (CLICK HERE) to see if you or your organisation is eligible.