The philanthropy research for which this report is concerned was organised as a collaborative process between the East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN) and Strategic Connections Ltd (SCL), the facilitating consultants.

We are grateful to the leadership of EAPN for commissioning this research study, and for entrusting us with the facilitation of the same. Special gratitude goes to the leadership, management and staff of EAPN for their cooperation and valuable inputs during the process. We are equally thankful to all those who provided crucial inputs towards the study, without which the study would not have been possible. Since it is not possible to mention everyone by name, we wish to extend thanks to all those who contributed either, directly or indirectly, towards the research study. The findings, conclusions and recommendations contained in this report are based on the research feedback, observations and reviews by the consultant as of the time of the study; we are conscious of the fact that such status is bound to change with time.

EAPN Philanthropy Survey2020