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Call for Media Practitioners to Write Stories on Philanthropic Giving Practices


Call for Media Practitioners to Write Stories on Philanthropic Giving Practices

About APN
The Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) is the only continent-wide network of organizations in Africa and its diaspora that promotes the culture of philanthropic giving. APN was conceived in 2009 as a space for African institutions to interrogate and intervene in power dynamics that shape how resource mobilization, distribution, and spending impact the possibilities for transformative change in Africa. APN promotes the voice and action of African philanthropy by building solidarity and a coordinated response in the African philanthropy landscape, growing the voice, visibility, and influencing power of actors to make the case for and unlock the potential for philanthropy in Africa. Our mission is to elevate the power of philanthropic giving practice as a key development strategy. APN is committed to promote the philanthropy, and to showcase philanthropic giving practices as a form of and driver for systemic change.

APN collaborates with Kenya Community Development Foundation, Global Fund for Community Foundation and Wilde Ganzen Foundation to coordinate the implementation of Giving for Change (GfC) program in eight countries – Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda in Africa; and Brazil and Palestine Territories. One of the strategic interventions of the GfC program is to influence in-country national state and societal actors (government, emerging philanthropists, individual donors) to support the development of community philanthropy by creating favourable conditions to promote the power of local philanthropic giving as a form and driver of social and systems change. This could be achieved by strengthening ownership of development processes and to amplify the voice and action of communities, demanding accountability and respect of human rights from the power holders.

Among the effective strategies is to influence public by creating the awareness on domestic philanthropic giving (to give for social and systems change instead of giving for direct needs) and increase trust in CSAs through media campaigns.

We seek to engage journalists by providing them with a platform to deepen their knowledge on community philanthropy. Unlike the conventional approach of inviting journalists to cover events or share press releases, our program takes a systematic approach, recognizing journalists as more than just messengers for organizations. We aim to foster meaningful partnerships that empower journalists to effectively showcase the practices of community philanthropy and highlight the transformative power of philanthropic giving through the hashtag #GivingAndPower.

Expected Result
To generate evidence informed lobbying and advocacy messages that shall influence national governments and donors (individual and institutional) to recognition philanthropy as a development strategy.

Targeted countries
Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, and Uganda.

Categories of Focus:
Specific categories of philanthropy to focus on can include (but are not limited to) the following:
i. Philanthropic Institution and High Net Worth Philanthropists (HNWIs) – “One to Many” Centrally controlled and managed pool for (typically private) resources targeted at the needy community outside the immediate circle.
ii. Mobilized philanthropic resources – “Many to Many”, aggregating contributions from a range of givers to help address the needs of the needy outside of their immediate circle. This category involves mobilizing resources from a larger group of individual givers toward a shared cause or objective that does directly impact their immediate circles.
iii. Community philanthropic giving – support from ‘‘Many to One”, community-initiated effort to marshal the resources of the group to tackle a specific need within a community. This category looks at the situation where multiple givers are mobilized on support if a cause or individual that directly affects or is linked to them.
iv. In-kind and service – “Self-Donations” donation of time, labor, knowledge, influence and visibility in support of a cause. This category should be the most common form of giving in our societies, since it covers the many acts of individuals generosity among extended family and friends that cement social bonds.

Award size and duration:
● Individual awards for showcasing philanthropic practices and models ranges from USD $500 – USD $750 for a period not exceeding 4 weeks.

We are looking for media practitioner including journalists:
● Who are accredited by the professional body
● With a professional experience, both freelancers and employed
● Working with any media organization or CSO,
● With interest to learn about philanthropy.

Você é elegível?
If the answer is “YES!” to the above, then you may be interested in applying.

How to Apply
Eligible applicants are welcome to submit a Story Pitch with subject line “Philanthropy” to grants@africaphilanthropynetwork.org. If you are to receive the catalytic grant, APN will expect to receive a Curriculum Vitae with physical address, and story pitch in English or French (not more than 2 pages) detailing the area of focus, main activities and the cost by 20th March 2024.


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