Perspectives on the significance of African Philanthropy in Driving Change

Ahead of the 2022 APN Assembly which will run from the 8th – the 10th of November in Uganda, we checked in with our members and partners on what the 2022 APN Assembly theme “African Philanthropy: Driving Change ” meant to them.

Grace Wakesho Maingi, Executive Director, of Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) said, “African philanthropy driving change means that we as Africans are prioritizing the use of home-grown solutions to address our most pertinent challenges. We are recognising the resources we have in the continent which include financial, intellectual, and human resources to improve humanity in the continent. She further stated that African philanthropy should focus on solidifying pan-African efforts to address poverty, development, and social justice issues in the continent. “Our money, time, and energy should be harnessed, organized, and applied towards improving livelihoods, education outcomes, health, climate, governance, and justice matters in order to holistically improve lives.”


Reflections from the third African Philanthropy Conference


What are some of the systems challenges that the philanthropic sector will potentially face in future, considering social and innovation impact? What are some of the models and approaches than can drive African Philanthropy? Where’s the money for Africa in climate financing?  How can technology advance African Philanthropy? What is the role of Youths in driving African Philanthropy?

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O crescimento da filantropia local na Zâmbia

A filantropia está crescendo e ganhando atenção na Zâmbia como um importante catalisador para a mudança social, conforme evidenciado por seu papel essencial no apoio ao desenvolvimento das comunidades locais. Em geral, há otimismo quanto ao futuro da filantropia na Zâmbia e um desejo genuíno de continuar a desenvolver as melhores práticas de filantropia por organizações locais, como a Fundação de Governança Zambiana (ZGF).