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APN Converstaions: Young African Leaders with Sophie Safi Mambo

Growing up in the streets of Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo is not easy for most youth who witness daily attacks from armed groups and rebels. However, even in this disruption of peace, education, and access to basic human rights, youth like Sophie Safi Mambo have found their feet in the field of Software Engineering, and entrepreneurship. Safi who is the Chief Executive Officer of Safi Corporation, Human Rights Advocate and Youth activist in the field of philanthropy in Africa opened up about the work she has been doing as a youth in the field of philanthropy.  Having opened the interview, Sophie shared her understanding of African Philanthropy, “African Philanthropy is an act that shows the desire to help our fellow human beings. She also spoke about how youth philanthropy is driving change in her community and reflected on factors to consider in growing Youth Philanthropy.

“African Philanthropy is an act that shows the desire to help our fellow human beings. It is about participating where needed and giving our best, whether it be time or energy, while ensuring that the solutions provided are long-lasting and do not cause more problems,” she explained.

Having shared her understanding of African Philanthropy, Ms. Mambo spoke about how youth philanthropy is driving in her community. She said youth in Goma were at the forefront of responding to crises and natural disasters through the provision of first aid support. “We cannot always wait on the government to intervene when we are feeling the pinch. We act and it is through our actions that the government is also compelled to act”.

Furthermore, she spoke about how young people have always been driving change in their communities. ‘It is an indisputable fact that young people have all that is required to drive change in their communities. However, we cannot ignore the work done by those who preceded young people in this fight against social injustices through philanthropy. That is the reason why there is a great need for collaboration and intergenerational dialogue between the young and the old, for the youth to use the older generation’s experience and knowledge as a springboard for their creativity, innovation and dynamism”.

Reflecting on the factors to consider to grow Youth Philanthropy, Ms.Mambo stressed on the importance of intergenerational collaboration, provision of mentorship and financial support to enable young people to learn. “Young people must be given the necessary tools and intellectual freedom to be able to support their communities and make their efforts more long-lasting. Young people should be given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes,” she emphasised.

Ms. Mambo concluded the conversation with an inspirational quote which encouraged people to give even when they are at their lowest, “It is not about how much you give, but is about the heart you put in giving”.  The full article can be accessed on the Simulizi Blog.

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  1. The young African Leaders like Sophie are in place, what is needed is the “will” to reach and expose them through documenting their potentials and give them further support. Sophie is an exemplary case. Big up!!!

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