Ahead of the 2022 APN Assembly which will run from the 8th – the 10th of November in Uganda, we checked in with our members and partners on what the 2022 APN Assembly theme “African Philanthropy: Driving Change ” meant to them.

Grace Wakesho Maingi, Executive Director, of Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) said, “African philanthropy driving change means that we as Africans are prioritizing the use of home-grown solutions to address our most pertinent challenges. We are recognising the resources we have in the continent which include financial, intellectual, and human resources to improve humanity in the continent. She further stated that African philanthropy should focus on solidifying pan-African efforts to address poverty, development, and social justice issues in the continent. “Our money, time, and energy should be harnessed, organized, and applied towards improving livelihoods, education outcomes, health, climate, governance, and justice matters in order to holistically improve lives.”

Challenging the status quo of inequality and exclusion is at the core of the STAR Ghana Foundation’s work. Executive Director, Ibrahim Tanko-Amidu, reflected that: “African philanthropy driving change means more Africans investing their resources and are engaged in creating and charting a future of possibilities. It also means Africans with the agency to challenge the status quo of inequality and exclusion and create inclusive societies.”

Meanwhile, the East Africa Philanthropy Network continues to provide a collaborative platform that champions, connects, and co-creates innovative solutions to advance philanthropy. Evans Okinyi, Chief Executive Officer states “As African giving continues to grow, we need to strengthen linkages among actors in the ecosystem and play to our strengths in driving sustainable development. The APN Assembly 2022 provides an excellent platform for us to catalyze collective action.”

CivSource Africa exists to refine the practice of philanthropy and the footprint of Civil Society in Africa. Jacqueline Assimwe, Chief Executive Officer says, “We acknowledge that COMMUNITY is the heartbeat of African philanthropy and we are passionate about journeying and co-creating action steps with community leaders. Change takes time, change takes joint effort and change takes consistent action in the right direction.”

In Uganda, Dr. Moses Isooba, Executive Director of  Uganda National NGO Forum says, “As we await the APN Assembly whose theme is African Philanthropy as the driver of change, I keenly look forward to it as development financing is at a critical stage. Never in our history of development have we sensed that the key driver will not be from external financing, but from community-led philanthropy. Giving is our DNA. We have always given for charity and now the tide is changing for us as Africans to give towards our development.”

Finally, “African philanthropy: Driving Change” raises some important questions for us to reflect on. What role can and should African philanthropy play in addressing critical issues of our time? Are we effective and critical enough when interrogating power dynamics that shape how resource mobilization, distribution, and spending impact the possibilities of transformative work in the continent? What are the new roles for African philanthropy: challenges, contradictions, and game changers?

Registration details for the Assembly can be found here https://assembly.africaphilanthropynetwork.org/