APN brings together grantmakers, community foundations, private foundations, academia, CSOs, individuals who give and other philanthropists in the continent and the diaspora – whose capital, influence, knowledge, and moral authority -have the power to address the structural and systematic causes of injustice and inequality. APN members continue to work with governments, regional development bodies such as SADC and the African Union (AU), academia, research institutions, and international NGOs (INGOs) to benchmark and improve the national, regional, and continental frameworks enabling domestic philanthropy.  Philanthropy – the act of giving and is an act of power.

Together, we have the collective power to influence national states and societal actors towards supporting African traditions of philanthropy and enable domestic philanthropic giving as a driver for change and Africa’s sustainable development.

As a member of APN, you will have the opportunity to engage with the APN membership and other philanthropic actors globally.

Benefits you can expect include:

  • Participation and profiling your work in peer learning events, webinars, and regional meetings
  • Access to and possibility to interact and develop relationships with APN members around the continent
  • Access to online communities of practice for learning and knowledge sharing
  • Opportunities to connect and work with peer organizations
  • Opportunities for capacity building, i.e., leadership development, domestic resource mobilization, lobby and advocacy, and other professional growth
  • Possibility to participate and influence the field through APN research and other network activities
  • Access to APN Website and social media to increase your visibility
  • Access to tools for sustainability, accountability and transparency
  • Access to new information, tools and latest innovations of the philanthropy field
  • Access and eligibility to scholarship in selected APN meetings and events
  • Access to subsidized registration rate to APN Assembly
  • Access to use APN logo which identifies you as a member of the only organizational and individual membership network promoting the voice and action for African philanthropy in the continent
  • Access to and eligibility to run for APN Board member

To join us, please fill the form below, and remember to also send the following attachments to info@africaphilanthropynetwork.org

  • Your most recent Annual Report (including staff size, board members, mission, etc).
  • Audited Financial Reports for the most recent fiscal year of operation with exhibits (including income and expenditure statements)
  • By-laws or Statutes (Constitution, Trust Deed, Certificate of registration, etc.)
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2. Organisation Details