The easing of the COVID-19 induced lockdown is ongoing, and some sectors of the economy have recommenced operations. The curfew in the country was extended from 19:00hrs to 21:00hrs. Some shopping malls are now open, and they must comply with the COVID-19 standard operating procedures issued by the Ministry of Health. Public transport has resumed around the country.

This is the current context as we share Volume 3 of “Generosity in the Time of Covid-19”. We previously shared two other editions of giving chronicles. In this third instalment we also share stories and interviews from individuals and organizations that gave during the COVID-19 lockdown in Uganda.

The ‘UBUNTU’ spirit (I am because we are) that indwells us continues to flourish within communities and individuals. The stories we share here show that Ugandans are indeed capable and willing to step in to give a hand to those who are in need. In this 3rd volume, we bring you stories of Ugandans coming to the aid of teachers, of persons with disabilities and of elderly persons. We bring you stories of people giving to protect our national parks and the wildlife that are crucial to our tourism industry. We bring you stories of people helping children get access to books, to enable them continue reading, despite schools still being closed.

A key thread in the stories is that people are giving and sharing whatever they can. This goes to show that giving is not about money. Giving is first and foremost about the heart. We also reiterate that our report is but a small glimpse into the multitude of giving stories across the country. We hope that this report helps us appreciate and celebrate the giving hearts. Our dream is that givers in Uganda will demand a framework for accountability for what they give. Better accountability engenders more giving. We also need to work towards a sounder legal and policy structure for giving and philanthropy in Uganda.

We wish you good reading!


CivSource Team

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