1. Background

APN is the continent-wide network of African-owned and African-led organization which promote the culture of individual and community philanthropy. Members of APN include philanthropy support organizations including networks and associations, grantmakers, community foundations, academia, and CSOs supporting communities to increase the effectiveness and impact of different forms of philanthropic giving.


APN is conducting a participatory 9 months mapping project to look at, analyze, and document the PSAs in four regions in sub-Saharan Africa; namely South, East, West, and Central. This study is being implemented by APN in collaboration with its members and other relevant stakeholders. The study is financially supported by the WINGS project on ‘Unlocking Philanthropy’s potential: Enhancing the Enabling Environment, effectiveness and leveraging the contributions of Philanthropy’ funded by the European Union.


  1. Project Objective

The general objective of the project is to engage APN members and other relevant stakeholders in a participatory mapping process to identify PSAs, their challenges, and opportunities of harnessing domestic philanthropy in the Southern Africa region.  The Listing Officer is required to conduct a desk review of the philanthropic support actors and categorize them as per the prepared Mapping tool to be provided


Specific objectives are:

  1. To define and identify PSAs in the region,
  2. To elaborate on the nature, trends, and practices of philanthropic giving, highlight challenges and suggest ways to build a more interconnected and coherent field in the region
  3. To develop a roadmap that includes potential partnerships and concreate strategies to strengthen an ecosystem for African philanthropy.


  1. Scope of work

The consultant is expected to:

  • Review existing literatures and researches to establish a list of PSAs in the assigned region
  • Document the available information per each actor to respond to the prepared mapping tool.
  1. Key outputs

The expected deliverable is a:

  • List of PSAs in the region as outlined in the mapping tool.


  1. Duration of work

The mapping officer will work for a maximum of 7 days between 30th March 2022 and10th April 2022. The officer will work in close collaboration with APN and from time-to-time share updates on the implementation status of the task.


  1. Required expertise and qualifications

The mapping officer (desk reviewer) shall be a man or woman with the following qualifications and experiences:

  • University graduate or equivalent
  • Have demonstrative computer literacy


  • Demonstrated research knowledge and experience in conducting online desk review/data collection and analysis
  • Posses a digital device that can support working online.
  • Fluency in English (both written and spoken).
  • Fluency in French language is an added advantage



Send your Application letter and CV through email to info@africaphilanthropynetwork.org with a Cc to     stenga@africaphilanthropynetwork.org on or before 30th March 2022 and Indicate a region of your choice among the Eastern, western, Southern and Central Africa.


‘This publication/ToR was produced with the financial support of WINGS and the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) and do not necessarily reflect the views of WINGS or the European Union’;