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Africa Philanthropy Network (APN)

Call for Submission of Success Stories from 2022:

‘Celebrating the State of Philanthropy in Africa’

February 28, 2023

APN is a continent-wide network of organizations and individuals in Africa and its diaspora who promote the culture of philanthropic giving as a driver for social and structural change. It is a space for African institutions to interrogate and intervene in the power dynamics that shape how resource mobilization, distribution and spending impact the possibilities of transformative change in Africa. APN members include grantmaking organizations (both foundations and funds), CSOs, academic and research institutions, as well as philanthropy infrastructure support organizations. The Network members envision a strong and effective philanthropic community, striving to build equitable and just societies in Africa.

APN’s culture of work is informed by the following core values: partnership, solidarity, inclusivity, and learning. With regard to our values, we are interested in receiving some real-life stories about how you successfully supported, undertook or promoted philanthropic giving for social and structural change; thereby leading to tangible benefits or adoption of a culture of philanthropic giving within communities in Africa. We do not accept any material that has been previously published in any form; in print or online.

As a member and partner of the network, we will be happy to publish and celebrate the success of your work.  We would recommend that you align your story to the following criteria.


1.       Story timeframe We expect that the story you write will be based on actions or initiatives which took place in year 2022.
2.       Language We prefer to receive stories written in English and or French
3.       Length and font The story lengths should range from 800-1200 words. The font used should be Arial Narrow Size 11.
4.       Focus of the story
  • The stories to be published will focus on actions or initiatives that have successfully promoted or supported a culture of philanthropic giving within communities #GivingAndPower, especially in the African communities.
  • The eligible stories should include either: people and or organizations practicing philanthropic giving; working models and innovations; policy environments which enable community philanthropy to thrive and to transform power dynamics in the development field #ShiftThePower.
  • Please ensure the actions/initiatives discussed all point towards one cohesive story/ project you undertook (not multiple), preferably one you found to be most successful and impactful.
5.       Guiding questions To write your story in a manner that fits the newsletter’s purpose, we recommend that you ask yourself the following guiding questions:

  • How does your story aim to help our readers better understand and appreciate community philanthropy or domestic giving as a driver for change?
  •  What were the reasons or contexts which made it important, timely or relevant for you to promote or undertake community philanthropy or domestic giving?
  • Which specific actions or initiatives did you successfully undertake or support? Whom did you collaborate with?
  • What made you succeed? And what made it harder for you to succeed?
  • What benefits or changes did you observe as a result of the actions or initiatives you did?
  • What key lessons did you learn about what works well and what does not work in supporting, promoting or undertaking community philanthropy in the context you encountered?
  • Which other recommendations would you like to make in order to intensify the beneficial actions or outcomes of philanthropic giving in Africa?
  • Is your story simple, interesting to read and useful in guiding others to undertake philanthropy work? Have you shared relevant lessons learnt while making clear recommendations and or conclusions?
6.       Proposed outline We suggest that your story outline is aligned to the following format; though we will allow some flexibility for you to modify and adjust according to your needs:

6.1      Organization

6.2      Title of the story

6.3      A brief statement describing the success being celebrated

6.4      The context

6.5      Description of what took place

6.6      Benefits or changes realized

6.7      Lessons learnt

6.8      Recommendations

7.       Accompanying documents Where possible we will appreciate if you share with us: (i) a brief description of the profiles or weblinks, and; (iii) any related images, pictures, audio or visual materials, where applicable.
8.       Dissemination and audience The State of Philanthropy Report will reach a broad audience including individuals and organizations which represent Governments, Donors, Philanthropists, Civil Society and Private Sector actors within the continent and globally.
9.       Submission Please submit your story under the subject SUCCESS STORY by March 30, 2023, to the address below:

The Executive Director

Africa Philanthropy Network

Email: stenga@africaphilanthropynetwork.org; with a copy to  tjangara@africaphilanthropynetwork.org



We wish to thank you for considering submitting a success story to be published in our report ‘Celebrating the State of Philanthropy in Africa 2022.’ We look forward to receiving your story. For more details about APN’s work, visit our website: https://africaphilanthropynetwork.org


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