As part of its series of youth focused webinars with the aim of contextualizing social impact entrepreneurship, Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) hosted the “Consultative Youth Webinar on the role of African Philanthropy in creating enabling environment for youth led development” on May 6th, 2021. Speakers of the webinar were Positive Youth Development Activist and pharmacy student at the University of Zambia Florence Mulenga; Chimwemwe Kaonga, the Programs Director at Concerned Youth Organization in Malawi; and Reynald Maeda the Executive Director of the United Nations Association in Tanzania.

As expected from the diverse expertise from the speakers featured, the discussion yielded a number of descriptions for youth led development and African philanthropy. The definitions range from young people working for development of other young people, without ignoring what is happening outside youth group to all initiatives of development that have been initiated by youth.