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Every practicing Muslim is governed by the ‘Five Pillars of Islam’; Shahada (الشهادة‎‎) – the declaration of faith, Salat (صلاة‎) – prayer, Zakat (زكاة‎‎) – obligatory charity, Sawm (صوم) – fasting during the month of Ramadan (رمضان) and Hajj (حج) – pilgrimage to holy sites in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Mrs. Zaria Adhiambo Omwayi is the byword of Islamic themes in acts of charity. She is the co-founder & current Executive Director of Villa Teag Children’s Home in Dandora slums, Nairobi. In 2003, Zaria together with her late professional comrade Raymond Mugabe Were embarked on an ardent journey to provide residential care to close to 100 children. After the tragic demise of Raymond in 2008, Zaria resolved to continue with the work despite the grief, a rough transition & falling out of donors & partners acquired through the late Raymond.