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APN Essay Contest 2023

Concept Note for the 3rd APN Essay Contest

Proposed Theme: “African Philanthropy Practice in the age of ongoing Climate Change”

APN Background

Africa Philanthropy Network is the only continent-wide network of organizations and individuals in Africa and its diaspora who promotes the culture of philanthropic giving. It is conceived as a space for African institutions to interrogate and intervene in the power dynamics that shape how resource mobilization, distribution, and spending impact the possibilities of transformative change in Africa. APN’s mission is to reclaim the power and elevate the practices of African philanthropy. In achieving this mission, APN is working in collaboration with its members & other philanthropy support organizations to promote the voice and action of African philanthropy through the building of solidarity and coordinated response in the African philanthropy landscape; rethinking and building the case for the potential for African (individual and community) philanthropy to drive social change.


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