African Philanthropy Network (APN) is the only continent-wide network of organizations and individuals in Africa and its diaspora who promotes the culture of philanthropic giving. APN brings an ecosystem of philanthropy support institutions and civil society member organizations serving different forms of philanthropy currently in Sub Saharan Africa. Established in 2009, APN is a space for African institutions to interrogate and intervene in the power dynamics that shape how resource mobilization, distribution and spending impact the possibilities of transformative change in Africa.

Our inability to pen down profound and inspiring stories that have contributed change in our society leads to the extinction of such profound stories. It is to this very reason that as APN, we treasure the importance of writing and documentation, so as to create a community that lives inspired by the steps taken by others.
With this background, APN is calling on writers across the African continent! We would love to commission your stories of generosity on our website. Whether it’s a spotlight on someone in your community doing philanthropy, a think piece, a critique- we want to feature them!

In March, we will be paying special attention to stories that center on women-led initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Any pieces that spotlight COVID-19 response projects by women will be prioritized as we embrace and celebrate the efforts and innovation of the African women.

Email with a pitch detailing your stories, any supporting information or links as well as your writing experience.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!