Curating African inspired content that informs our members about developments in the Sector

Most literature about philanthropy in Africa focuses on either external or Western-based philanthropy directed towards the continent, excluding many elements that make up the practice in Africa. Yet philanthropy has always been an integral part of African society and culture. The desire to promote the welfare of others or private initiatives for the public good, has a deep history in Africa.

From individual, through family, to institutional philanthropy, community fundraising to religious tithing, philanthropy occupies a key place across the continent as a sustainable mechanism for domestic resource mobilization requisite to meet critical public needs and respond to the demands of social good.

Learning and knowledge management are at the core of APN’s objectives. We seek to help define, document and map out African philanthropy through pertinent research and data collection to measure progress and enable a better understanding of the range of philanthropy and its impact.

APN is the leading platform for sharing information, experiences, and challenges on philanthropy in Africa. By knowing what others are doing, our work provides a basis for collaborating to objectively address private and public giving, the allocation of these resources, creating a unity of purpose among members, promoting sustainable African foundations, investments, and diversification of income as well as influencing the overall financial planning of these resources.

Our key focus for engagement includes research and convening; mapping of African philanthropic activity; building a knowledge repository; partnership building and promoting social impact.