Creating member-focused knowledge-sharing platforms and Convenings

As a robust membership network, APN seeks to influence the environment within which practice and action happen. Our members collaborate to improve the standards of philanthropy on the continent and contribute to a strong voice for African philanthropy with better and effective strategies for local resource mobilization through organized giving.

In line with our mandate of knowledge gathering and sharing, APN hosts a number of specialized convenings, to facilitate collective thinking, strategizing and learning for member organizations and other stakeholders in African philanthropy. These include:


Assemblies remain an integral part of APN’s strategy. In November 2010, we convened our first convening inaugural Assembly, where more than 250 participants representing African and international grant-making organizations and partners converged in Nairobi Kenya to set an agenda for African philanthropy.

In November 2012, the second Assembly was organized in Johannesburg, South Africa drawing over 300 participants from more than 25 countries. Discussions reflected a significant step forward in asserting African ownership of the philanthropy agenda.  During this Assembly, innovative philanthropic practices were profiled and celebrated in the inaugural African Philanthropy Award.

In July 2015, the third AGN Assembly took place in Arusha, Tanzania bringing together a total of 286 leaders in philanthropy and others sectors including development actors, politicians, bilateral and multilateral donors, grantmakers, community foundations, women and youth networks, researchers, academia as well as goodwill Ambassadors.  Themed “People, Policies and Practice”, the third assembly set a framework for the long-term programming of philanthropy in Africa.

The next APN assembly will be held in November 2018, in Mauritius.

The APSO Initiative

APN is co-hosting the Africa philanthropy support organization (APSO) initiative with Africa Grantmakers Affinity Group (AGAG) and East African Association of Grantmakers (EAAG).

The first meeting, held in New Jersey, USA, brought together philanthropy support organizations interested in Africa to share and learn about the work of our respective organizations. The second meeting, hosted by the APN, was held in October 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Peer Learnings

Since inception APN has convened several peer learning events for its members and this programme continues to remain part of our 2018 – 2022 strategy.