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Equality for Growth (EfG) Success Stories from Informal Sector Traders

The past 12 years of working with informal sector actors, Equality for Growth (EfG) has continued to provide women with access to rights and business knowledge, opportunities, resources, and legal justice. Through utilizing an approach of collaboration, we have worked in partnership with our beneficiaries to empower them in raising their voices and awareness of their agendas.

EfG have trained women market traders to be paralegals and legal community supporters who have been working on preventing and handling Gender Based Violence in marketplaces and deliver free legal aid and support to market traders, through this platform they have been able to reach 10,360 market traders, handled over 630 cases for the past 3 years.


Call for Proposals: APN Catalytic Grants 2022.

The Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) is the only continent-wide network of organizations and individuals in Africa and its diaspora that promotes the culture of philanthropic giving.  Since 2009 APN conceived as a space for African institutions to interrogate and intervene in the power dynamics that shape how resource mobilization, distribution, and spending impact the possibilities of transformative change in Africa. APN’s mission is to reclaim the power and elevate the practices of African philanthropy. APN collaborates with its members, and other CSOs to promote the voice and action of African philanthropy. APN does that by building solidarity and coordinated response in the African philanthropy landscape, growing voice, visibility, and influencing the power of Civil Society Actors and leaders to make the case and unlock the potential for individual and community philanthropy. The APN, through catalytic grants, aims to generate new knowledge and inhence narratives that recognize and promote the value of African philanthropy.


Reshaping Narratives on African Giving: Writing Workshops for African Writers

Concept Note

Project Title: Reshaping Narratives on African Giving: Writing Workshops for African Writers



Storytelling has and is still an important part of African culture. So much essential knowledge on our histories, safety, novel ideas has been passed from one African generation to another through stories. An integral part of our work on reclaiming and (re)shaping what African philanthropy means on a global scale involves re-telling the stories that have been told on African giving. Outdated narratives that shape giving as a vertical, master-servant enterprise need to be replaced with indigenous examples of giving as always being a core part of who we are.


Terms of Reference for a Mapping Officer to Conduct a Listing of Philanthropy Support Actors (PSAs) in Sub-Saharan Africa

  1. Background

APN is the continent-wide network of African-owned and African-led organization which promote the culture of individual and community philanthropy. Members of APN include philanthropy support organizations including networks and associations, grantmakers, community foundations, academia, and CSOs supporting communities to increase the effectiveness and impact of different forms of philanthropic giving.


APN is conducting a participatory 9 months mapping project to look at, analyze, and document the PSAs in four regions in sub-Saharan Africa; namely South, East, West, and Central. This study is being implemented by APN in collaboration with its members and other relevant stakeholders. The study is financially supported by the WINGS project on ‘Unlocking Philanthropy’s potential: Enhancing the Enabling Environment, effectiveness and leveraging the contributions of Philanthropy’ funded by the European Union.