About the Summit

Youth Summit on African Philanthropy will take place under the banner of the African Philanthropy Network (APN) in collaboration with African Youth actors and organizations. Youth Philanthropy and Power will be the first conference of its kind in Africa deliberately aimed at a collective conversation between diverse youth as the communities that makes up our states. APN has a bold vision of establishing an African Youth Philanthropy Platform with all philanthropic efforts and associations that have many different names dedicated to making a difference in their communities through their philanthropic work. Life, as we know it, has changed; work models have shifted; economies have shrunk, and livelihoods have been severely affected. The devastation by the pandemic is immeasurable, yet amid this, the field of philanthropy in Africa has also witnessed huge amounts of giving in-kind and cash. Communities, individuals, corporates and various forms of philanthropic organizations have all responded to the pandemic and addressed the negative effects of COVID-19.

The Summit is an opportunity for everyone involved to celebrate African youth philanthropy and the many stories of resilience; showcase various innovations and creative responses; assess the impact and begin to make sense of the world with and beyond COVID-19. There are two main themes that the Summit will unpack in seeking to understand African philanthropy in the context of the pandemic. The first is ‘Celebrating African Youth Philanthropy’. The second is a focus on ‘Systems change and Technology’. The two themes are timely and relevant for the current moment but also for building forward better. The Youth Philanthropy and Power Summit will be organized virtually using the Zoom Platform.

Please join the conversation online. There are two keynote presentations and two plenary sessions. In addition, there are 4 parallel sessions. Please register for the keynotes, plenaries and your selected parallel sessions so you can hear from youth experts in fields such as business, science, technology, arts & culture, pan-Africanism, feminism, philanthropy and social investment among others. We look forward to welcoming you to the African Philanthropy Youth Summit on the 24th -25th November 2021 from 14:00-17:30 EATAPN Youth Summit Program Rev1