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APN is the only network of its kind in the continent! APN brings together organization and individual members serving different forms of African philanthropy. Together, APN members represent civil society and community partners in more than 48 African countries. Presently, the APN focuses more explicitly towards the multi-stakeholder end of the philanthropy spectrum (emphasis on African philanthropic models, philanthropy as act of participation, dissent, empathy, solidarity, exclusivity), as a development tool. In short “Philanthropy of the People” model that creates and shares knowledge about philanthropy giving culture.

APN seeks to reclaim the power and elevate practices of African philanthropy and giving culture by empowering its members in particular, and the field of philanthropy support in general through collectively generated knowledge and research, better synergies and interconnections, collaboration and development of common practice and agenda for African philanthropy. There is no greater opportunity in Africa’s history than today to position ourselves more effectively as a collective alliance and make us more strategic than ever!

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Stigmata Tenga, Executive Director

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