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Top 20 Essay Booklet 2022

In 2021, APN launched the Essay Contest which focused on drawing inspiration from Africa’s youth on the power of African philanthropy in championing social change. This was subsequently followed by the 2nd edition of the APN Women’s Writing Workshop and the 2022 Essay Contest which sought to amplify youth voices by giving them an opportunity to contribute creative ideas on the role of African Philanthropy in transforming community challenges through innovation and practice.

The essay contest which was launched on the 25th of May 2022 attracted 300 essay submissions from youth aged 18 – 35 years old around the African continent. The goal of the APN Essay contest is to grow the culture of philanthropy among the youth. As a first step towards nurturing this philanthropic culture in African youth, APN decided to sponsor a continentwide youth essay competition to encourage youth to think about innovation and practice of African philanthropic giving in addressing development challenges. Furthermore, the essay contest provided a space for African youth to raise their voice and generate a new African philanthropy narrative.

2022 Winning Essays

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