FCS supports CSOs to strengthen 121 youths forums in Unguja, Zanzibar

About 121 Youth Forums have been strengthened in Unguja between the years 2016 – 2017, following the good work done by Civil Society Organizations which are based in Zanzibar.

According to the report produced after The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) monitoring and supporting visit, conducted from 5 to 13 April, 2017, the 121 strengthened Platforms were from North Unguja A and B Districts, West Unguja B District, and Central Unguja District.

The CSOs which were involved in this initiative are Safari Development Organisation (SADEO), Mtandao wa Asasi za Kiraia Kaskazini Unguja (NORECSONET) and Zanzibar Association of Information Against Drug Abuse and Alcohol (ZAIADA). Read more