KCDF 20th anniversary

Are you a passionate development practitioner working in your space to end poverty?

Have you ever considered the impact of a donor dependency mindset among communities you work with?

Do you struggle to build a sustainable local organization with a solid asset base that supports your agenda?

If the answer to these questions is YES! then you cannot afford to miss this conference!

This conference will give you an opportunity to meet passionate and inspiring local and international leaders who share their stories and experiences in dealing with these issues.

As part of celebrating its 20th Anniversary, KCDF in partnership with Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) and Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF), cordially invites you to participate in a conference themed “Durable Development – Shifting the Power, Building Community Resilience” where this kind of questions will form the basis for the deliberations. The conference will bring together a rich and diverse group of practitioners (national and international) to deliberate and foster conversations on people-led durable approaches to development #shiftthepower.

The two-day conference will be an opportunity for participants to network and meet other like-minded thought leaders, who share similar concerns and are working towards contextualizing development from an African perspective, such that it becomes sustainable including building a strong financial base for it. The conference will provide an opportunity to explore the following:

Bring together a diverse set of development practitioners from Kenya and beyond, to explore effective interventions in implementing sustainable development programmes.

Work towards shifting the field of development to a new paradigm of people based development that enhances building local assets, capacities, and trust among communities.

Share case studies and working models on emerging community development practices that are building on local community philanthropy and help communities break away from a dependency mindset.

Present innovative development practices in areas such as devolved decision making, local asset mobilization and multi-stakeholder partnerships among others.

Explore the implications of the above conversations on the state and nature of civil society sector and its ability to deliver on their mandate towards achieving durable development.

For more information about the conference, please click link http://bit.ly/2tn5gSm

Sourced from the KCDF website