Ghana-Philanthropy Forum

23-24 March, 2017

The forum is part of broader initiatives to engage multi-stakeholders to discuss philanthropy and further explore how activities of various development stakeholders can be aligned and leveraged to achieve national and sub-regional development goals.

For a country like Ghana, where there is a vibrant culture of personal giving and considerable numbers offering charitable contributions particularly through faith-based organizations and entities, the framework for organized forms of giving is lacking. Ghana does not have an umbrella policy framework for philanthropy. Philanthropic and charitable entities are treated in the same way as NGOs. Registration and regulation of philanthropies is scattered across different legislations that are overseen by different government ministries. Philanthropic organizations mostly register as companies limited by guarantee or as trusts. It is thus difficult to even find consistent and regularly produced information on the nature and extent of organized giving and CSR engagement to facilitate collaboration and impact. This is just one of the challenges.