Community Philanthropy offers hope in dark times says Ambassador James Joseph

Former Ambassador of the USA to South Africa James Joseph gave an inspiring address to delegates at the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy urging them to stays strong as community philanthropy offered a glimmer of light in the dark times.

On the first day of the Ambassador Joseph addressed and captivated the audience with his keynote speech that touched on avenues of capital which include ‘social capital, moral capital, intellectual capital, reputational capital and financial capital’.

“We could also use our social capital to work with the new groups who are enriching our city culture,” said Ambassador Joseph.

“The second asset of community philanthropy that is often absent in our strategic thinking is moral capital,” said Ambassador Joseph.

He also spoke about community philanthropy can drive reputational capital: “Community philanthropy should lead to building reputational capital,” he said.

“Let’s not only depend on financial capital, think of how you can influence those networks,” he said.

Ambassador Joseph spoke about the different ways of giving to communities as a philanthropist. He urged and challenged philanthropists to take risks and not to be afraid to stand for something.

“We need to take risks that may disturb our comfort zone. As a leader you need to be willing to take risks.”

Concluding his keynote speech he said, “I want to be me without making it difficult for you to be you”.