Who We Are

APN is the only network of African organizations with members representing civil society and communities in more than 50 African countries.

APN Membership

We bring together varied philanthropic stakeholders who are working to address the many development challenges facing the African continent.

Why Join APN?

Together, we can reclaim the power and elevate practices of African philanthropy by providing leadership on the development of philanthropy agendas.

$0Billion P/A

Conservative estimate of the total pool of potential high net worth individuals (HNWI)


World Giving Index weighted average rate of giving for Africa

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Estimated number of urban adults making charitable contributions

0Billion P/A

Estimated potential annual pool of charitable contributions


Our approach towards promoting African philanthropy is built upon a strong foundation of research. In April 2013, we produced a report titled “Sizing the field: frameworks for a new narrative of African philanthropy.” The report presents an analytical framework for documenting and highlighting the different types of philanthropic activity being pursued in Africa by individuals, communities, and organisations. In this research, we identified four models of African philanthropy listed below. Our work in the current strategic period will seek to promote and advance these and other models which will emerge.